‘Minecraft’ is now on Nintendo Switch. The good news is: It’s still great.


Minecraft, the game that was released in 2011 but you could buy as far back as 2009, came out — again — on Wednesday, May 11.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is actually a repackaged version of the Wii U release, with some extra bits thrown in that were originally released as add-ons. If you’re looking for something wholly new, look elsewhere.

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If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a way to play Minecraft on your Nintendo Switch… this is exactly that.

The good news is: Minecraft is still great. If you’ve ever played one of the game’s many previous console iterations, you already know it translates surprisingly well to a traditional controller.  Read more…

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Fox News sent a very strange push notification and the internet reacted accordingly


This morning, Fox News sent an incredibly strange and unproductive push notification through Apple News which simply read: 

“Most men just want a woman who’s nice.”

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Fox News alerts, like if 1950s could text you pic.twitter.com/cWHEJdsP2v

— Ben Reininga (@BenReininga) May 11, 2017


No quotations, no link, no anything. Just a simple little phrase. 

Good to know, Fox News. Thank you! This was urgent breaking news and I’m glad to have read it.

It turns out the notification was for an article with the same title, where the main bullet point seems to be “women, be nice to men.”  Read more…

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Trumpniks have no defense for the James Comey mess, so duh, they’re blaming the media


Trump supporters are taking a page out of the president’s own playbook—when you’re out of moves, blame the media.

And that’s just what they’re doing in the wake of Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey’s dismissal kicked off a firestorm of criticism from Democrats and even some Republicans. Trump associates had been the subject of an ongoing (and reportedly escalating) investigation into ties to Russia—an investigation that dogged Trump and had fueled questions of the president’s own connections with the country. Russia, of course, has been accused by U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies of working to swing the 2016 election by leaking private documents and disseminating of propaganda.  Read more…

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France dislikes Trump even more than Putin, so that’s reassuring


Donald Trump is winning again! Congrats, Mr. President! 

Trump’s latest victory came out of a recent poll conducted by Suffolk University, which determined the U.S. president is MORE unpopular in France than his BFF, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Tremendous win here for Trump! Beautiful victory. Really good stuff.

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The survey, released last week prior to France’s election of Emmanuel Macron (not to be confused with the cookies,) found after polling over 1,000 people between April 28 and May 2, a whopping 82 percent of French voters view Trump unfavorably. Read more…

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UberEats will solve your late night snack cravings in London


If you love eating at restaurants often but you’re also lazy and/or just prefer staying home, UberEats is a service you should get to know. 

UberEats, the ride-hailing company’s food-delivery service, now runs until 2 a.m. in London, a three-hour extension of its previous closing time, according to a company announcement. 

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This update means Londoners can order UberEat almost around the clock, choosing from 150 participating restaurants to fill the space in their stomach long past the setting of the sun.

The service started doing breakfast in London at 7 a.m. back in January, which at the time moved the opening hour back four hours from 11 a.m. So now instead of running from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., just half the day, the service now covers 19 of every 24 hours.  Read more…

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I went to a rage room and smashed a bunch of stuff up and it was amazing


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Trump’s intel agencies tell Congress that climate change poses national security threats


Each year the intelligence community puts together a “Worldwide Threat Assessment” report, and it inevitably scares the hell out of Congress and the public by detailing all the dangers facing the U.S. (Hint: there are a lot of them.)

This year’s report, published Thursday and discussed at a congressional hearing, makes for particularly disquieting reading.

While it focuses on the increasing danger that North Korea’s nuclear weapons program poses as well as cyberterrorism threats, one environmental concern stands out on the list: climate change.  

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Introducing Mashable Reels


Friends, we’ve got a new kind of digital fun for you to enjoy. It’s called Mashable Reels.

Each one tells a complete story with vertical video—a perfect match for the mobile web. Reels deliver daily, compact, substantial multimedia-infused packages, with deep narratives that rise above the whiplash-inducing pace of your normal news feeds.

Reels are intuitive, and what we consider to be the best way to watch vertical video on the mobile web. You’ll see them right at the top of Mashable every day, but they’ll also be distributed through our social media channels if you fancy following us there. They’ll also work in any web browser (mobile or desktop). In other words, there’s nothing to download, or update—Mashable Reels aren’t an app. You’re already good to go.  Read more…

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Donald Trump slams ‘no-talent’ Stephen Colbert in latest tirade against the media


We’re betting Stephen Colbert will have some thoughts on Donald Trump’s latest media tirade.

In an interview with Time, the president lashed out at The Late Show host, calling him “no-talent” and “filthy” following Colbert’s controversial May 1 monologue, in which the Colbert Report alum made an oral sex joke about the POTUS and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Read Trump’s comments on Colbert below:

Colbert has certainly seen his ratings rise in the wake of Trump’s election, and the host has been a frequent and outspoken critic of the president’s policies and actions — the most recent example being the firing of FBI director James Comey. Read more…

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