Harry Styles hasn’t quite mastered the stage dive yet, but his solo music sparkles live


Finally, we have the definitive answer to the age-old question, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Because despite what feels true in your heart, Harry Styles cannot fly. 

A few short hours after premiering his first solo video for the soaring “Sign of the Times,” Styles played an intimate gig for some lucky fans at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, New York, at his iHeartRadio Album Release Party. At the end of the show, he made up his mind to do something he had always wanted try and took a stage dive. It didn’t work, though, and Styles didn’t get far before he took a couple audience members tumbling to the ground with him.  Read more…

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Not even ‘American Idol’ fans want ‘American Idol’ to come back


You know the old adage, “If you love something, let it go?” 

Yeah, TV networks haven’t heard that one, which is why ABC just revived American Idol little more than a year after Ryan Seacrest ominously declared, “Goodnight America … for now.”

It’s safe to say that no one was missing American Idol yet — we didn’t have time to; 13 months is barely more than the traditional eight we used to get between seasons when the show was airing on a regular cycle on Fox for 15 years

Exhibit A — Twitter’s reaction to the news: 

An #AmericanIdol reboot..pic.twitter.com/t4NyjogcFZ

— Moorenewz (@moorenewz) May 9, 2017 Read more…

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Woman slams random ‘social experiments’, says what we’re all thinking


When you’re sitting alone in a public space, the last thing you want is to become the unwitting subject of a social experiment. But, that’s what happened to one Reddit user, who’s penned an open letter calling out the man for harassing her despite her requests to be left alone. 

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Reddit user qiba posted her open letter on r/London, addressing it to “the Australian (?) guy doing a ‘social experiment’ in Islington by talking to random women in the park, who insulted me when I wanted to be left alone.”

“Screw you. I told you repeatedly I’d had a shit day. I told you exactly why. I politely asked THREE TIMES to be left alone and I have no responsibility to be charming or friendly to you when you’re being rude by ignoring my politely stated wishes,” wrote quiba

She wrote that her bad week and “particularly bad day” was rendered even worse by the man who made her “feel like crap” for declining to be a part of his “nice guy act” Read more…

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This ‘Peaky Blinders’ supercut of Tom Hardy swearing is a masterpiece


There are some YouTube edits that are so spectacular they pretty much speak for themselves.

The video above is a glorious four-minute supercut of Tom Hardy swearing in the BBC crime drama Peaky Blinders, courtesy of YouTuber Furegious.

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If you’ve never seen Peaky Blinders, it’s a nice little introduction — if you have, it’s a brilliant reminder of Alfie Solomons at his absolute finest. Read more…

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Put your smartphone away, you’re missing the entire history of you


No, you’re not that important or busy. Put your smartphone away and pay more attention to the world around you.

Better yet, leave your smartphone over there, where you can’t get to it for a few hours. 

Now breathe deep and try not to panic. The world (probably) isn’t going to end while you’re deprived of your mobile pacifier. That’s what a lot of us are thinking, but we’re too heads down in our smartphones to tell each other that. 

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The Handmaid’s Tale, The Hunger Games, the Divergent series, somehow none of these dystopian sci-fi parables have prepared us for a techno-centric world in which the shuffling, oblivious zombies are us. In 2016, a report in the Wall Street Journal cited stats from the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicating that emergency room visits by distracted pedestrians using mobile phones were up 124 percent from 2014. The same report claimed that such accidents have increased 10-fold from 2006. Let there be no doubt, although we’re increasingly aware of our distracted driving problems, we also have a serious distracted walking problem.  Read more…

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Dog desperately trying to catch ball gets the Photoshop battle he deserves


There are some pictures that are simply crying out to be Photoshopped.

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As the good people of Reddit demonstrated on Tuesday, the below image of a dog attempting to catch a call definitely falls into this category.

Here’s the original, in all its glory.

Image: imgur/marmite_badger

Sort of unnerving but also kind of hilarious, right?

Well, it got even better once the Photoshopping started.

First, there were some musical numbers.

Image: imgur/-doitforjohnny-

Image: imgur/bears_with_chainsaws Read more…

Some people clearly thought the dog looked horrified.

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This awkwardly worded ad makes this otherwise innocent poster feel very wrong


Please proofread your advertisements for potentially awkward innuendos.

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A redditor called MangyRunt snapped a picture of a London Metropolitan University advertisement on a London bus stop and shared it in the r/London subreddit.

The advertisement read, “Demi — London Met graduate. Loves his mum, fried chicken, and his Biomedical Science degree. Do something you love this September.”

Image: reddit/mangyrunt

The redditor circled “Loves his mum” in red to point out the awkward wording that makes this advert feel just plain wrong. Read more…

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Theresa May claimed her shoes inspired a woman to enter politics and the internet’s having none of it


It’s the final countdown to the UK’s snap General Election. So, naturally, politicians are out in force, attempting to convince the general public to vote for them.

Prime Minister Theresa May appeared on BBC’s The One Show on Tuesday evening and claimed that her shoes inspired someone to get into politics. And, suffice it to say, viewers were not convinced. 

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May said that around four or five years ago, she was talking to a young woman in the lift in the House of Commons

“I said ‘ooh nice pair of shoes’ and she said ‘ooh I like your shoes,’ and then she looked at me and said ‘your shoes got me involved in politics,'”said May.  Read more…

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All the reasons why that James Comey’s ‘pee tape’ tweet is fake


For every big news announcement there are at least 10 fake news popping up — it’s rule. 

In this case, after President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey, a tweet from his alleged Twitter account said: “Disappointed to leave the FBI, a career I’ve loved for 27 years. During this difficult time I just want all of America to know that the pee tape is real.”

My god pic.twitter.com/JV1lhg6jBQ

— Hippo (@InternetHippo) May 9, 2017

Many people reacted: 

@InternetHippo @dberghoefer Is this for real????

— Liabrhegs (@MNZenFarmer) May 9, 2017

@dberghoefer @InternetHippo @MNZenFarmer That blue cloud and checkmark means the account has been twitter verified.

— Tumbleweed (@JWCDreamshaper) May 10, 2017 Read more…

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Bow Wow gets dragged by the internet for lying about his lavish lifestyle


It’s one of the basic rules of the internet — don’t lie because you will inevitably be called out, especially if you’re a public figure.

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Bow Wow seemed to have forgotten his internet handbook when he posted this picture of luxury cars and a private jet to his social media feeds. 

Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo. I promise to bring yall the hottest show EVER. May 25th on @wetv

A post shared by Bow wow (@shadmoss) on

The image would suggest that the rapper was traveling by private jet for his Growing Up Hip Hop press tour, which makes this Twitter user’s tweet so embarrassing. Read more…

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