Clutter raises $64 million to store your stuff, let you admire it online


Clutter is disrupting its own name. 

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The two-year-old startup takes the stuff you don’t use out of your home and makes sure you don’t just put it in a disorganized storage unit. Clutter, based in Los Angeles, employs movers and software engineers who work together to build a sophisticated system of packing and storing, where each item is photographed and catalogued on a platform. 

Clutter announced Tuesday a $64 million Series C round, led by UK-based Atomico Ventures and with GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Fifth Wall as first-time investors as well. Sequoia Capital, which led the Series A and Series B round, participated again.  Read more…

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Man shares evidence of what may be the world’s weirdest office fridge


If there’s one thing British people love, it’s tea.

And if there’s one thing British people really, really hate, it’s people stealing the precious milk required to make said tea.

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In shared offices, this is a fairly common crime. Sometimes it leads to people sticking passive-aggressive little post-it notes to their belongings, or stashing a secret supply of milk in miniature fridges beneath their desks.

Of course, some resort to more extreme measures.

Imagine working in an office with these kind of

— Kevin Antony (@kevak1969) June 12, 2017 Read more…

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Stephen Colbert grilling Oliver Stone about Putin is excruciating to watch


It shouldn’t be surprising in this current political climate that Oliver Stone’s four-part Showtime series about Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, hasn’t had the warmest of receptions.

Stephen Colbert is more known for his quips, but a meeting with Stone on The Late Show on Monday proved too irresistible for the host. Colbert asked the director if he was “cosying up” to what some would call a dictator.

“You know, you have to be polite because this was a two-year deal, and it was four times, and I was with him numerous times,” Stone explained.

Colbert admittedly hadn’t watched the series yet, but asked Stone what would surprise him about Putin when watching it. Read more…

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Egypt considers banning parents from giving their kids foreign names like Mark or Sam


You might be hard pressed to find a Mark or Sam in Egypt’s next generation. 

An Egyptian parliament committee is set to meet on Tuesday to discuss a law that could ban parents from giving their children “western names.” 

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Under the new law, a fine of up to $270 or a jail term up to six months could be imposed on violators.

The proposed law was put forward by MP Bedier Abdel Aziz, who said that Western names could lead to a “radical” change in society.

“Using such Western names and abandoning Arabic ones will lead to an undesired and radical change in our society and culture,” said Aziz to news outlet The Egypt Independent. Read more…

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Logitech’s cute Wi-Fi home security camera slims down and goes modular


Logitech, makers of seemingly ever kind of computer accessory imaginable, is giving its well-received Logi Circle home Wi-Fi connected home security a complete overhaul.

The company’s new Logi Circle 2 security camera isn’t just smaller, it’s also modular this time around.

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The original Circle camera received our Mashable Choice award for its simple and thoughtful design, beautiful app, and easy-but-powerful features. The Circle 2, available in wired ($179) and wireless ($199) model, pushes those ideas over the top.

First things first, the camera itself is now a whole lot smaller. The ball-shaped body is gone, replaced with a slimmer design. I kinda prefer the older look, which looked a little more Apple-ish, but the slim down allows the magnetic mount to move from the base to its backside. Read more…

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop comes with one big suck, but it’s easily fixable


Like so many students, the very first laptop I had was a MacBook (the plastic one, not the new 2-pounder). I bought it in the summer of 2007 after finishing my first year of college, and it lasted until I graduated.

I loved the machine even though it weighed a hefty five pounds and was an inch thick. It’s a tank by today’s thin and light laptop standards, but you have to remember something: Back then, a one-inch thick machine was the definition of thin.

Steve Jobs wouldn’t famously pull the MacBook Air out of a manila envelope until a year later, and the laptop wouldn’t go on to become the most popular laptop until 2010 when it got a redesign with more ports. Read more…

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Author Roxane Gay hits back at website for its ‘cruel and humiliating’ article


As authors do when they’re about to release a book, Roxane Gay has been out doing press around the world in anticipation of her newest memoir, Hunger, which follows 2014’s Bad Feminist.

What she didn’t anticipate is Australian women’s website Mamamia publishing what appeared to be her private requests, breaching confidentiality.

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These “dozens of exchanges” were used to help paint the scene in the No Filter podcast, which Gay appeared on with the site’s founder, Mia Freedman.

How Mamamia would “accommodate” Gay for her interview is discussed in the episode’s prologue and the article about the podcast, which has since been deleted. And guess what, it’s pretty awful. Read more…

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Tech dominates ranking of the world’s most valuable brands


It wasn’t long ago that classic American icons like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Marlboro were considered the pinnacle of branding success.

But over the past decade, Silicon Valley giants have rapidly edged out legacy household names in terms of brand value, according to one of the industry’s leading indexes.

Whereas tech companies occupied just three of the top 10 spots in research firm Kantar Millward Brown’s BrandZ ranking in 2007, the industry dominated seven of 10 in the firm’s most recent tally this month.

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It’s not that tech was absent from the top of the list 10 years ago. Google has long hovered around the number-one spot — it’s hard to beat a brand that’s now an everyday verb — and once-ubiquitous Microsoft has had its ups and downs.  Read more…

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All the best memes and jokes from the Warriors’ NBA Finals win


This time they didn’t blow the 3-1 lead. Golden State beat Cleveland to clinch the NBA championship in Oakland on Monday night, in doing so avenging last year’s epic collapse that spawned a million memes. 

That makes two titles in three years, with an NBA regular-season record for wins sandwiched in between — so Warriors fans are now officially cleared to talk dynasty. 

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Kevin Durant was brilliant with 39 points for Golden State, but Monday’s NBA Finals finale didn’t disappoint on the comedy front either. 

During the second quarter, Warriors forward David West and Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson got heated — and veeery close to one another, which led to this slapstick screen-grab.  Read more…

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Kevin Durant silences the haters in killer Nike ad


Nike was prepared for the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant to win the NBA Finals. 

Right after the Dubs beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 to become NBA champions on Monday night, this Nike ad dropped on ABC — and it’s pretty great. 

Durant got a ton of flak for leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder and moving to the Bay Area (much like LeBron James did when he joined the Miami Heat in 2010). 

Now, Durant is the NBA Finals MVP, and he looks pretty damn smart for joining Steph Curry and Klay Thompson on the West Coast.  Read more…

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