30 GIFs that shaped the internet we know today


June 30 marks the 30th birthday of the GIF, and while the internet may still argue its pronunciation, we can all agree the GIF has played an important role in shaping the internet. 

Long before HD video became the norm of the net, a GIF was about as good as it got. If you wanted a moving image in your browser, you used a GIF. Miraculously, the GIF survived, and more importantly, it became a language all its own — a way for the internet to express itself.

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Teaming up with giphy, we compiled a list of culturally significant and memorable GIFs to celebrate its birthday. Happy Birthday, GIF. This one’s for you.  Read more…

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Carrefour drops dog meat from China stores, 5 years after it said it would


French supermarket Carrefour has announced it’s removed dog meat products from two of its outlets in China.

The news comes amid ongoing backlash against the consumption of dog meat in the country. 

But perhaps what comes as a bigger surprise is that the supermarket giant carried dog meat in the first place.

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Carrefour, which has more than 200 stores in China, promised back in 2012 that it would remove dog meat from its shelves, when approached by Animals Asia, an animal rights group.

However, according to Animals Asia, a follow-up visit to the store in May 2017 — the dog meat products were still on sale. Read more…

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Guy drives his Smart car straight into a store to avoid the rain


Why park, when your car will fit through the door?

A driver in Jiangsu, eastern China, drove his Smart car right into a convenience store, to buy a bottle of yoghurt and some potato chips.

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In a video gone viral, the pint-sized car is seen slipping through the store doors:

The cashier was originally alarmed at first when the driver tapped his horn, but he reacted quickly to ask what he wanted:

The guy then asked the store clerk to bring him his order of a bag of chips and some yoghurt.

The cashier even handled his payment in cash, darting between the car and the till. Finally, he even guides the driver out of the store. Read more…

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Leaked audio reveals Australia’s prime minister mocking Trump at gala dinner


You can smell a tweet from the Donald brewing.

Only a month after a buddy-buddy meeting with Trump in New York City, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made fun of the U.S. president at a charity ball on Wednesday night. 

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It happened at the Midwinter Ball, which brings together Australian media and politicians, similar to the White House Correspondents annual gala dinner. 

It’s agreed by those attending that what happens at the event is strictly not to be reported, which is why Turnbull perhaps felt comfortable doing what he did. Read more…

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Oh nothing, just Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon busking in a subway


Those vaguely country and western disguises meant to conceal Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon might not have been that effective, but then again, when would you ever get to see these two busk in a subway station?

The pair performed Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and Cyrus’ “Party In The U.S.A.” in New York City’s 50th Street station, pulling a crowd who knew exactly what was going on.

Still pretty cool though. Read more…

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Kindergarteners are inspired by ‘Wonder Woman’ and it’s adorable


Wonder Woman has been kicking butt, both at the box office and flipping the status quo on superhero movies.

The film is having a profound effect on the youngest of kids too, as per a tweet by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins on Monday.

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It’s a note from an unnamed person someone who works at a kindergarten, who compiled “a collection of cute Wonder Woman related things that happened within a week of the movie being released,” which was received by one of the film’s producers and sent on to Jenkins.

There’s 11 different observations, ranging from an Iron Man-obsessed boy who wanted a Wonder Woman lunch box, to a girl printing a list of female superheroes so there was no issue in deciding roles to play at recess. Read more…

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Facebook finally, finally, finally lets you put GIFs in comments


That sweet reaction GIF finally has a place on Facebook.

After a months-long test of the feature, the social network announced that it’s finally rolling out support for GIFs in Facebook comments.

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Beginning today, anyone can add a GIF to a Facebook comment using a new GIF button that appears alongside the emoji picker. Much like the GIF button in Facebook Messenger, the new GIF comments are sourced from Facebook’s GIF partners, including Giphy, Tenor, and Disney.

Importantly, there are a few limitations. Though you can search for GIFs using the feature’s built-in search, adding a specific GIF you have in mind may be a bit more difficult. You can’t upload your own GIFs or post GIFs via a URL like you can with a normal Facebook post. Read more…

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Car horns are weirdly aggressive, so this guy made a friendlier version


Driving can already be stressful enough, and it’s not helped by the plethora of aggressive-sounding horns standard in most cars.

Fortunately, YouTuber Mark Rober has come up with the “nicest car horn ever,” a higher-pitched honk that toots twice quickly. 

It’s for situations where you want to show courtesy, like if a driver forgets something on their roof, or you want a car to move forward in the drive-thru.

But for more pressing situations, there’s a horn that bellows like an ocean liner — perfect when you want to warn some pesky kids off the road. Car makers, it’s not a bad idea. Read more…

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Wireless charging is finally coming to the iPhone—or so says one manufacturer


Throw out your cords, ladies and gentlemen, the iPhone is going wireless. 

Or so claims the CEO of iPhone manufacturer Wistron Corp, who noted that the next 5.5-inch iPhone would be both waterproof and set up for wireless charging. 

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“Assembly process for the previous generations of [iPhones] have not changed much,” CEO Robert Hwang told the Nikkei Asian Review, “though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing, and waterproof function will alter the assembly process a bit.” Read more…

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Facebook is about to look like a Hallmark store exploded


Those annoying colored posts on Facebook aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’re getting an upgrade.

Facebook has been quietly adding patterns, textures, illustration, and more to the status cards. Users around the world have been noticing a number of new background options in different colors. 

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The company has reportedly experienced a decline in users posting statuses and the colored cards are an attempt to turn the ship around.

Image: facebook

Image: facebook

The expanded backgrounds for comments now seem to include a range of images like hearts and flowers, textured images like silk, and patterns like polka dots and confetti.  Read more…

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