Self-driving cars can handle anything, except kangaroos


Self-driving cars can make it through ice, snow, thunderstorms, and the winding streets of Pittsburgh. 

What can’t they handle? Kangaroos. 

Volvo admitted this week that its self-driving technology’s “Large Animal Detection system” was flummoxed by kangaroos. 

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The cars can deal with roaming deer, elk, and caribou, but can’t process kangaroos because of the animals’ “unique method of movement,” or hopping.

“Any company that would be working on the autonomous car concept would be having to do the same developmental work,” Volvo Australia Managing Director Kevin McCann said. “We brought our engineers into Australia to begin the exercise of gathering the data of how the animals can move and behave so the computers can understand it more.” Read more…

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Here’s a man getting showered by a giant water balloon in slow motion


Looking for a way to stay cool this summer? Try letting a 6-foot water balloon explode just above your helpless body.

That’s precisely the premise of the latest video from The Slow Mo Guys, who are celebrating the end of their “Water Balloon June” series. What a way to go out.

In all seriousness, though, please don’t try this at home. Read more…

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J.K. Rowling has an explanation for all of Trump’s deranged tweets


President Donald Trump has been on a roll recently — when it comes to tweeting offensive, nonsensical thoughts early in the morning. 

After another week of sexist insults, media-bashing, and voter fraud paranoia on Twitter, J.K. Rowling came up with one explanation for our new presidential reality. 

Nobody wants to find out that the President of the USA is constantly drunk, but my god, it would explain a lot

— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) July 1, 2017

Yep: maybe Trump is just drunk all the time? There’s one flaw in that theory, though. Trump doesn’t drink. Based on that long-held Trump lore, every tweet sent by Trump is sent sober.  Read more…

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5 sports storylines we can’t wait to see unfold through the rest of 2017


We recently looked back at 8.5 of our favorites sports moments so far this year, but guess what? 

We still have half of 2017 yet to come! With that in mind, here are five more sports storylines we can’t wait to see unfold between now and year’s end. 

Mayweather vs. McGregor

Two famous fighters eye a big payday.

Two famous fighters eye a big payday.

Image: ap/shutterstock composite

Let’s call this what it is: A boxing match that’s a spectacle meant to generate revenue more than it is a legitimate sporting competition. How so? Conor McGregor is a UFC legend who’s not really a boxer. Floyd Mayweather is a 40-year-old fighter known more for his technical proficiency and defensive style than exciting fights or knocking people out.  Read more…

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It’s Chris-mas in July. Here’s how to celebrate


This summer, more than ever, the internet and world at large is in the throes of peak Chris madness. For serious scientific reasons enumerated below, Mashable has dubbed today, July 1st, the year of our lord 2017 as…Chris-mas.

What is Chris-mas? Christmas, but for Chrises! Christmas in July — but Chris-mas, in July. On this day we celebrate our Chrises in all their glory and embarrassment, because we too are miracles of glorious embarrassment.

In honor of the internet’s fascination with them, in honor of their success and the fact that now, finally, they’re all members of the Academy — the timing is finally right for Chris-mas in July. Read more…

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Glamorous pet owners are getting matching manicures with their cats


First thing’s first: you should never, ever paint your pet’s claws with actual nail polish. It’s toxic to them! But should you hunger for you and your cat to have matching manicures, there’s a glamorous alternative.

Cristi, a cat owner from California, routinely purchases nail caps for her cat, Wednesday. One day, she found a purple, glittery set — the same purple glitter as her own manicure.

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Hell yeah.


— cristi cupcake 💘 (@cristimari_) June 24, 2017

As it turns out, Cristi wasn’t the only one to have this idea. After another user shared her image, it went viral, and other pet owners started sharing manicure pics, too. Read more…

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These trick mirror photos were once thought to be the future of portraiture



Frederic and Francis Almy (twins). O.A. Taft Studio, Buffalo, New York.

Image: collection of Christopher B. Steiner

These photographs, collected by Connecticut College art history and anthropology professor Christopher B. Steiner, were created using a photo-multigraph or “trick mirror” technique

Invented by James B. Shaw in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the early 1890s, a photo-multigraph is created by placing the sitter between two mirrors which are angled to produce four reflections of the subject.

By exposing a person’s face from every angle, the photo-multigraph was touted as a system which would enable “us to see ourselves as others see us.”  Read more…

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Why are these weird distorted brand logos so funny?


A ridiculous new aesthetic of corporate mockery is taking hold online. 

A strain of dedicated Photoshop artists have inexplicably committed themselves to jumbling major brand logos into nonsense words — and their work is oddly amusing.

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“Subway, Eat Fresh,” for instance, is remixed into “Sbubby, eef freef.” Burger King is “Bubker Kirg, Have It In a Way.”

As with most weird internet trends, there’s already an entire section of Reddit (r/Sbubby) dedicated to the form. There, users have been diligently reimagining dozens of recognizable businesses for months. Some of their handiwork surfaced on Twitter this week in a viral post. Read more…

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This airport is already using facial recognition on U.S. citizens


Customs and Border Protection (CBP) evidently doesn’t need Congress to begin using facial recognition of United States citizens. 

Officials at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and Logan International Airport in Boston earlier this week began to scan faces of U.S. citizens and other passengers on specific flights. Congress has nine times passed legislation authorizing the use of biometric technology on non-U.S. citizens as a way of verifying when foreign nationals enter and exit the country, but they’ve never authorized such legislation for citizens, according to surveillance law experts. Read more…

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