Kim Kardashian addresses her blackface controversy and promises she’s realizing stuff


The woman who has posted more photos of her expertly contoured face than anyone alive sparked controversy with a recent set of photos promoting her new beauty line. 

When Kim Kardashian West shared the first promotional images for her new makeup line, people noticed that something was off. Her skin seemed to be significantly darker than normal, and people on Twitter weren’t shy about calling her out for wearing blackface. Now she’s telling her side of the story. 

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You dont have to do blackface

— Wynters (@Sacha_Wynters) June 14, 2017 Read more…

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Shut up and make the hits—Kickstarter’s best projects are back with a twist


Kickstarter is bringing back some of its greatest hits.

From music scientifically tailored to cats’ ears to a radio in a Mason jar to wooden robots that teach kids to code, the crowdfunding company has selected 65 of its most notable creators to reprise their campaigns with new versions, accessories, or other updates of their original output. 

The push is called Kickstarter Gold and it will last through the end of the next month. Each artist, designer, musician, or entrepreneur was chosen by the company’s curation team based on their funding success and the novelty of their product.

The goal is to remind people to think of Kickstarter as more than just a one-and-done deal; it’s possible to build a business or creative endeavor around coming back again and again to update your work or spin off new creations, the company contends.  Read more…

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Finally, you can buy this giant Frankenstein of a sex toy


Great news, horndogs. The world’s most gratuitous and hefty masturbation device is now a reality. 

Meet the 3fap, a handy sex toy that allow you to experience the ecstasy of three different holes all at once. Actually…when you say it like that it sounds kind of nasty, but surely there are people out there for whom a simultaneous mouth/vagina/anus session is such a must have that they’re willing to bring a giant contraption into their lives.

This monstrous creation was first revealed to the world back in 2015, when its creator Brian Sloan — who’s the man behind the blowjob robot known as AutoBlow2 — started an Indiegogo campaign. The initial response was a mix of horror and awe, but it did raise $50,000. And now that it’s officially hit the market, men everywhere can live the dream.  Read more…

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Man promises to get Angela Merkel tattoo on his butt for 10,000 upvotes, delivers


If you make promises for internet points, you’d better be prepared to keep them.

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Just ask Redditor u/Errk_fu. Last month, he shared a sketch of German Chancellor Angela Merkel alongside a very specific commitment: if the post got upvoted 10,000 times, he’d get her tattooed onto his butt.

Unsurprisingly, Reddit came through. 26,935 upvotes later and the moderator had posted a stickied comment to the thread, stating that u/Errk_fu would be permabanned if he failed to deliver.

Luckily, he didn’t fail to deliver.

Last week, u/Errk_fu started a new thread: the cheerfully titled “Mutti Booty Tat Time”. Read more…

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After LGBTQ backlash, YouTube finally updates ‘Restricted Mode’ policy


Back in March, several popular LGBTQ+ YouTube vloggers claimed YouTube was using the site’s “restricted mode” to hide some of their videos. 

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Now, after promising to fix the system, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote a blog post explaining the measures the company is taking to make its policies more inclusive.

Working with “dozens of volunteer LGBTQ employees and select LGBTQ creators” YouTube has rewritten and broadened the Restricted Mode guidelines to allow personal accounts of individuals who suffered discrimination or violence as long as they don’t contain graphic language or content.  Read more…

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The UK and Ireland edition of Mashable is now on Snapchat Discover


Exciting news from the Mashable UK team. We’ve only just gone and launched a UK and Ireland Edition on Snapchat Discover. 

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So what does this mean and how can I start watching? Well, for Snapchat users in the UK and Ireland it means even more cracking content relevant to your region. 

If you’re already subscribed to Mashable, you don’t need to do anything. Just sit back and continue to enjoy. 

If you’re new to this wonderful world, download the Snapchat app immediately and follow these steps.

Once you’ve created a Snapchat account, there are a shedload of ways you can start following Mashable.   Read more…

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Land yourself a job at Jaguar if you manage to crack Gorillaz’s app


If you’re thinking of getting a job at Jaguar, your best bet right now might be through virtual band Gorillaz.

The unlikely collaboration will see the British car manufacturer using the Gorillaz’s mixed reality app as a recruitment tool for new hires.

And there are 5,000 positions up for grabs.

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Potential applicants will have to complete two challenges on the app.

They first have to assemble the Jaguar I-PACE Concept, the company’s upcoming electric sports car. 

Image: jaguar/gorillaz/facebook

The second part involves solving a series of code breaking puzzles. Read more…

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Very tall footballer tweets very good holiday joke


Peter Crouch is a former England player. He’s 6’7” tall.

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Nowadays he plays in the Premier League for Stoke, and fills his spare time by going on holidays and sending good tweets.

Sometimes he combines the two:

Summer for me is about time with family

— Peter Crouch (@petercrouch) June 19, 2017

You can’t go wrong with a mildly self-deprecating joke about height. 110,000 retweets and counting on that one.

Coming up with a better headline for that photo will be a tall order.

— Mark Clemmit (@MarkClemmit) June 19, 2017 Read more…

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Man tweets very gross incentive to always wear sun cream


Warning: The tweet below the scroll-line contains some fairly unpleasant close-ups of a man’s sun-burned skin. Proceed with caution.

As soon as the sun comes out in Britain, two things happen: 1) everyone complains about the weather, and 2) everyone forgets to put on sun cream.

When it’s over 32 degrees Celsius, though, the latter can have some very unpleasant results.

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On Monday, following a very hot weekend in the UK, a man from Edinburgh, Scotland, began tweeting about his sun burn.

aff work courtesy of sunburn ma body is in bits

— G (@grgbinnie) June 19, 2017 Read more…

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Wonderful human being Adele shares ‘tea and a cuddle’ with London tower firefighters


Undoubtedly, proud Londoner Adele was one of the celebrities who was most struck by the Grenfell Tower fire that killed at least 79 people last week. 

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The 29-year-old singer, who is from Tottenham, north London, showed her support to the firefighters who heroically fought the blaze and rescued as many people as possible. 

She visited Chelsea Fire Station for a “cup of tea and a cuddle” as London Fire Brigade and firefighter Rob Petty said in a Facebook post: 

The “wonderfully grounded” Adele is pictured laughing over a cup of tea while another picture shows her posing with the firefighters in front of a fire engine.  Read more…

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