Congressman tweets about impeaching Trump, but don’t get too excited


California Rep. Brad Sherman officially introduced articles of impeachment Wednesday to get the ball rolling on ousting Donald Trump from office—but this is just the first step in a long, hard, and unlikely journey.

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Sherman tweeted out his filed House of Representatives resolution, which is co-sponsored by Texas Congressman Al Green, that accuses Trump of obstruction of justice.

I have introduced H.Res. 438 Articles of #Impeachment of Donald J. Trump for Obstruction of Justice. Statement here:

— Rep. Brad Sherman (@BradSherman) July 12, 2017 Read more…

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Let’s all start preparing emotionally for President Kid Rock


Look, we get that this Kid Rock “Senate campaign” is probably just a marketing stunt. 

He confirmed the website—not his campaign—was real, and it basically just links to a bunch of Warner Bros. merch. 

I have had a ton of emails and texts asking me if this website is real… The answer is an absolute

— Kid Rock (@KidRock) July 12, 2017

But it doesn’t matter. Mark my words: Robert James Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, will become a U.S. senator, then president of the United States.

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Heed lord Zuckerberg’s rules of visitation, lest your tiny village face great peril


Hear ye! Hear ye! Be warned: Do not look upon his visage without proper leave, supplicant! 

Ok, it’s not that bad, but we’ve just learned that part of Mark Zuckerberg’s tour of the unvarnished, down home parts of the American landscape includes a set of very cringey rules, and we must share. 

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The details of Zuckerberg’s stealthy no-I’m-totally-not-electioneering activities were revealed in a Wall Street Journal story on Wednesday. 

First off, if you happen to get word that Zuck is coming to town, you mustn’t under any circumstances tell anyone that he’s coming. Who knows what might happen? Some wild-eyed app developer might show up and try to pitch him. Hey, maybe it’s just a security concern, but what this really sounds like is some rock star shit.  Read more…

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People think Trump has an imaginary friend named Jim


President Trump once described his friend Jim as a “very, very substantial guy,” but people are seriously starting to doubt if Trump’s friend Jim is even real.

In the past, Trump has used his friend Jim as a puppet to push messages about Paris. Trump spoke of Jim on the campaign trail and, in February, used his story as an example at CPAC in Maryland to show how terrible terrorism has become in Paris. 

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“No matter the issue, Trump knows a guy”

Meet Jim, “a very, very substantial guy” who says Paris is no longer Paris

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) February 24, 2017 Read more…

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Rey is still waiting her turn in Star Wars Monopoly


She may be the lead in one of the biggest movies of all time, the most mysterious inhabitant of the galaxy far, far away, and an inspiration to millions of children around the world. 

But according to toymaker Hasbro, that’s still not enough to earn Rey a place in Monopoly’s Star Wars edition. 

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In 2015, a social media campaign dubbed #WheresRey drew attention to the lack of Rey toys in The Force Awakens merchandise — including Star Wars Monopoly, which featured an all-male cast of figurines (Finn, Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, and anachronistically enough, Darth Vader).  Read more…

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The net neutrality Day of Action counter-protest is a complete joke


Just because everyone’s against you doesn’t mean it has to look that way. 

That appears to be the thinking of FreedomWorks, a conservative advocacy group behind the dubiously titled Unlock The Internet — a campaign urging average citizens to take internet reform into their own hands by demanding the FCC gut its 2015 decision protecting net neutrality. 

This anti-consumer call to arms comes at the same time as the July 12 Day of Action in support of net neutrality, and is backed by a host of right-leaning think tanks all angling to give internet service providers like AT&T and Comcast the right to charge you more money to access certain parts of the internet.  Read more…

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6 weird facts about the dude who connected Trump Jr. with the Russians


Donald Trump Jr. found himself in a potentially bottomless pool of shit on Tuesday after he published a series of emails (obtained beforehand by The New York Times) that show he sought to collude with a Russian government effort to help his dad win the White House, and yet the president’s son is far from the most interesting character at the center of this story. 

That title belongs to Rob Goldstone, someone who’s known the Trump family for years.

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Goldstone set up a meeting at New York City’s Trump Tower on June 9 between a Russian lawyer and members of the Trump campaign, including Trump Jr., in what now should go down as the event that proved the Trump team sought to collude with Moscow. Goldstone is not a figure known to too many people before Tuesday, but if anything has become clear about him in the past day or so, it’s that he is … eclectic.  Read more…

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Amazon is probably going to release another Echo speaker later this year

TwitterFacebook 0895 e6e2%2fthumb%2f00001Read more…

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Developers sued over alleged ‘League of Legends’ knock-off are now crying fake news


The developer behind League of Legends has filed a lawsuit against mobile game developer Shanghai Moontoon Technology alleging copyright infringement. Moontoon is not happy that the lawsuit is getting publicity.

Riot Games filed a lawsuit last week against Moontoon for its games Magic Rush: Heroes, Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA, and Mobile Legends: Bang bang, which Riot claims infringe on its League of Legends copyrights.

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In its lawsuit, Riot mentioned it already attempted to stop Moontoon’s infringing of their games, and that Moontoon’s resulting actions made it appear that the company was aware of its infringement. Read more…

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You can soon impress all your ‘Game of Thrones’ friends by learning High Valyrian on Duolingo


Rookie speakers of High Valyrian 101 already know “Valar morghulis” (“all men must die”). It’s practically like knowing “where is the bathroom?” in all other languages. But it’s time to take your High Valyrian skills to the next level.

Popular language learning app Duolingo will release a special language learning course on High Valyrian, the language spoken by the extinct Valyrian race that settled on the Essos continent in Game of Thrones. High Valyrian is also spoken by nobles and scholars throughout Westeros. It’s like Game of Thrones‘ Latin.

Duolingo’s website says it will release it on July 16, which is the same day as the Season 7 premiere. So basically you can watch and learn as you go along. Read more…

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