Weather forecasts are imperfect. Under Trump’s budget, they’ll be nearly impossible


If President Donald Trump gets his way, weather forecasts in America will become less accurate over time, lagging behind those produced in Europe, Japan and other parts of the world. 

Trump’s budget contains a head-scratching provision that would cancel key upgrades to the National Weather Service’s (NWS) computer modeling program, forcing an agency that has already fallen behind its peers abroad to fall even further behind. 

If approved by Congress in its current form, the National Weather Service would fail to catch up in both computing power and all-around reliability, leaving American forecasters in the dark about potentially dangerous weather events like blizzards, hurricanes, and tornado outbreaks.  Read more…

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Oh my glob, it’s ‘Adventure Time’ in ‘Minecraft’


Minecraft is getting Adventure Time‘d in a delightful mash-up pack that turns the blocky world into a brighter, more Adventure Time-y world for a blocky Finn and Jake to explore.

The announcement video above shows off what the new Minecraft Adventure Time mash-up pack will look like while mirroring the show’s opening theme. We also get a glimpse at some of the series’ most popular characters in Minecraft form: Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and the Ice King.

The pack, which doesn’t have a price or a release date yet, is coming to mobile, console, and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft “soon.” Read more…

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Law-breaking pigeon busted with a bag of drugs strapped to its back


A drug-smuggling pigeon just looking to have a good time failed to make it to his destination this week after police took him and his little bag full of pills into custody.

As Al Arabiya reports, Kuwait customs officers caught the bird as it was crossing the border between Iraq and Kuwait. When they searched his tiny bag for illegal substances, they found 178 pills.

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Shocking images: Traffickers use pigeon to smuggle drugs into #Kuwait

— Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) May 23, 2017 Read more…

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Why you should consider a career change to cybersecurity


The FBI has seen a steady uptick in internet crime complaints since 2013, and cybersecurity is expected to be an even greater concern in 2017.   

Dennis Bonilla, executive dean of the College of Information Systems and Technology at University of Phoenix, agrees: “Data is currency and with the amount of information out there, criminals can find new ways of hacking into systems to steal that data. Trained cybersecurity professionals, equipped with the right tools, are best positioned to protect companies and their customer data making it difficult to compromise an organization.”   

And it isn’t limited to tech-fields – cybersecurity touches every industry. From major utilities to retail, if you have ever considered changing your career, a future in cybersecurity may be the right fit for you.    Read more…

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This groundbreaking news station in Afghanistan is for women, by women


A new network in Kabul is giving Afghan women a platform to express the ideas and news that matter to them most.

Zan TV — which translates to “Women’s TV” — is the first of its kind in the country, with an essential focus on female empowerment. All of the station’s broadcasters and producers are women, who will report news that interests and impacts women. The first broadcast aired on May 21.

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Zan TV hopes to be a space for women in a media industry that often overlooks women’s stories, perspectives, and interests. The channel plans to cover a wide variety of topics, from news to entertainment to religion.  Read more…

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Charging bear attacks hunter in terrifying encounter caught on video


A Canadian hunter is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a black bear.

Richard Wesley was bow hunting near Fire River, Ontario, when he noticed a large black bear roaming nearby. At first, the bear seemed unfazed by Wesley’s presence, but when the hunter makes a sound in an attempt to scare off the approaching bear, it charges.

Wesley attempts to make as much noise as possible, and even punches the attacking bear in the face. The camera falls and the hunter returns just a few seconds later, visibly shook by the near death experience.

“I should have shot a long time ago,” Wesley says into the camera just seconds after the attack.  Read more…

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Guy accidentally farting tv graphics just might be the best thing to happen to television ever


Sports television has enjoyed some wonderful advances over the past few decades, but nothing tops this: Apparently, players can now fart graphics right onto your backlit screen

Amazing, I know. But look! It’s true. 

This magic moment was caught by a few people online during Wednesday’s Europa League final between Ajax and Manchester United. 

That’s Ajax keeper André Onana, whose magical pooper presents BT Sport’s commentating team. 

Forget OTT offerings, VR, and all those tired old acronyms. GFs — Graphic Farts — are the real entertainment innovation of 2017.

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‘Wonder Woman’ U.K. premiere canceled after Manchester tragedy


Following the attack in Manchester earlier this week, Warner Bros. has decided to cancel the London premiere of Wonder Woman. The event was to have taken place on Wednesday, May 31.

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The studio issued a statement announcing the decision:

Director Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Robin Wright had all been slated to attend the U.K. premiere.

On Monday, May 22, an explosion killed 22 people and injured dozens more during an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester arena. The incident is being treated as a terrorist attack, and the terror threat level in the U.K. has been raised to “critical.” Read more…

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Fidget spinner porn is the hottest new thing on Pornhub


You guys, fidget spinner porn is a thing nowSigh.

These little gadgets are everywhere, so of course they’re also making their way into adult entertainment. New data from Pornhub reveals that there’s been a big surge in interest in fidget-friendly porn in recent weeks.

Pornhub says that at their peak, searches for “fidget spinner” were up 282 percent over the average. They started to climb on May 10th. In the 10 days that followed, there were 2.5 million searches for videos involving the gadget. It’s been the top trending term for May and the fifth most popular overall search for the month. 

Image: pornhub Read more…

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