Actual politics has caught up to and surpassed ‘House of Cards’


In 2013, Netflix dared to air original television, including the ballsy, barrier-breaking House of Cards. Four years and as many seasons later, the malevolent memoir of political mastermind Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is as ruthless as ever, but in a world now accustomed to Spacey’s slithery monologues and the general debacle of the American political landscape, Season 5 doesn’t make quite the same splash. 

As The Hollywood Reporter‘s Daniel Fienberg asks, “Is there an opposite of escapism? Get-further-submerged-in-the-muck-ism?”

If there is, this is it, and critics simultaneously love and hate it. Read more…

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Donald Trump is selling a subscription box no one asked for


President Donald Trump will reportedly take a page from the subscription box business model with his own monthly box full of stuff people probably don’t want.

As CNN reporter Betsy Klein tweeted Monday, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee will offer “Big League Boxes,” packed with “exclusive and vintage” (read: old) Trump merchandise and delivered monthly to recurring donors’ doors. 

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Dave Levinthal of the Center for Public Integrity noted that the starting price for a Big League Box is a monthly donation of $69 toward Trump’s reelection campaign. Read more…

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14 billionaires just pledged half their fortunes to charity. The conversation it starts could be more important.


Some of the world’s wealthiest business titans just promised to use their fortunes to do good.

An additional 14 individuals and couples from seven different countries joined the Giving Pledge, an initiative launched by Warren Buffett and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2010. The pledge’s goal is to encourage billionaires and their families to dedicate the majority of their wealth—at least half—to philanthropic causes, either during their lifetimes or after their deaths.

The new signatories announced Tuesday include Australian gaming tycoon Leonard H. Ainsworth, easyJet airline founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, and investor Robert F. Smith. Past signers include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Chobani yogurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Read more…

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An ‘Overwatch’ amateur strikes fear in the hearts of South Korean pros


Vansquad is a 32 year old with a regular day job in South Korea, but during his free time he strikes fear in the hearts of Overwatch pros.

In a post on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit today, Redditor Limelatte shared Vansquad’s well-earned infamy with the rest of the world, compiling a list of videos of that show off Vansquad’s deadly aim with McCree and Widowmaker against South Korea’s top Overwatch pros. His ability to land headshots with McCree and Widowmaker is unparalleled.

This video shows Vansquad scaring two pro players in competitive matches:

The pros — former Lunatic-Hai player Lee Tae Jun and RunAway player Kim “Haksal” Hyo Jong — understandably freak out when they see Vansquad peaking around corners to rain down headshot after headshot on them and their teammates. When they spot Vansquad playing as Widowmaker on Hollywood early on in the video, the whole team comes together to shut him down. Read more…

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‘Overwatch’ teases space gorillas and the lunar colony they live on


Overwatch‘s first new piece of content in its second year may be related to the Horizon Lunar Colony — a scientific colony on the moon where Winston and other genetically enhanced gorillas were sent before Overwatch‘s present-day.

Blizzard teased some new info around the Horizon Lunar Colony in a tweet and a blog post Monday night, giving a glimpse at the colony’s layout, the state of its angry gorilla inhabitants, and a mysteriously missing gorilla named Hammond.

[BREAKING UPDATE] For the first time in years, new details emerge about possible fate of Horizon Lunar Colony:

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) May 30, 2017 Read more…

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Nvidia Max-Q gives you high-powered PC gaming in a MacBook Air body


Hey, guess what? Gaming laptops don’t have to weigh more than a newborn child anymore.

Nvidia’s new “Max-Q” approach to design allows hardware manufacturers to cram the power of a GTX 1080 into a shell as thin as 18mm. That’s roughly where Apple’s MacBook Air is at these days, though a 1080-powered Max-Q will still be a hefty piece of tech, at around five pounds.

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To be clear: this isn’t new hardware. Rather, it’s a new way of building a laptop, provided the manufacturer is using Nvidia technology. Max-Q laptops will start to surface worldwide on June 27, and the ROG Zephyrus, from ASUS, will be one of the first. Read more…

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Who knew an innocent photo with Pikachu could get so weird?


Pikachu, what are you doing? Don’t lick that girl!

If you’re ever lucky enough to meet a Pokémon, or someone in a large Pokémon suit, just hope that they don’t make it awkward by sticking their hand through the mouth to pat your head.

Image: moaninglisasmile

The original uploader of this bizarre photo is 19-year-old Taylor, who goes by the twitter handle @destroyfrog. According to BuzzFeed, she and her friend met Pikachu at FanimeCon, a cosplay and anime festival held in San Jose, California, May 26-29.

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And for some reason, Pikachu reached out his hand tongue and licked Taylor on the head as she uncomfortably obliged.  Read more…

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5 trending topics for a much-needed morning boost

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We sorted superheroes into Hogwarts Houses so you didn’t have to


If you’ve ever wondered what Hogwarts house your favorite superheroes would be in, wonder no more! 

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In honor of Wonder Woman finally hitting the big screen, and the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter novel in June, the nerds at Mashable have dived deep into comic and Potter lore to give you the unofficial official sortings of the year’s biggest heroes and villains. 


Let’s begin with one of the most beloved and most adapted superheroes. While his status as the world’s greatest detective is a strong Ravenclaw quality, Bruce Wayne is best known for his cunning and willpower. How many other people have gone from normal child to nearly super-human fighter, inventor, scientist, and detective through sheer force of will? That ambition, to take down all crime in Gotham, is all Slytherin. Plus, as a bat he’d feel right at home in Slytherin’s dungeons. Read more…

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