George R.R. Martin posts a vintage pic of himself and Twitter explodes with joy


This is probably one of the most glorious throwbacks of all time. 

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin shared a photo of himself on Twitter with the caption #TBT circa 1976. 

#TBT circa 1976

— George RR Martin (@GRRMspeaking) May 25, 2017

Back then Martin was 27, he was wearing exactly the same glasses and sporting the same beard style. But the rest? 

OMG. The necklace, the vintage clothes, the patterns on the furniture and walls. And what about that TV with antenna? 

GoT fans were thrilled and started making jokes and comparisons with the show: 

@GRRMspeaking Like an aged Jon Snow

— Bran Long (@A_Long_Bear) May 25, 2017 Read more…

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Dude gets his drone to deliver him fried chicken


When I’m craving fried chicken from a certain Kentucky-themed fast food outlet, I sure as hell don’t want to run into anyone I know — and sadly delivery doesn’t exist where I live.

That’s why it might be worth admiring the efforts of New Zealander Ollie Mason-Clarke, who’s behind the blog King of Cheat Meals.

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He managed to get a drone to pick up a meal from a KFC drive-thru in Auckland, which we’ve all dreamt about but never had the guts — or well, the aptitude — to do. 

Mason-Clarke told the New Zealand Herald it wasn’t a marketing stunt, but rather a “fun project” he wanted to do.  Read more…

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Messaging platform Kik is launching its own digital currency


Kik is venturing into new territory.

The messaging service announced on Thursday that it was launching its own digital currency, called “Kin” that can be used to buy services on its platform. 

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Users will be able to use Kin to buy games, live video streams and other digital products.

Kin will be created on the Ethereum blockchain — a rival to Bitcoin — and is expected to make its debut some time this year.

“Kik will be the largest install base of cryptocurrency users in the world,” said Kik’s CEO Ted Livingston, according to a Bloomberg report.

“Kin, on day one will be the most-used cryptocurrency in the world.” Read more…

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9 things that will 100% maybe happen in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7


Back in July 2016, in an attempt to distract myself from the horrible fact that Game of Thrones was over for another year, I made a set of nine predictions about what might happen in Season 7.

Now that the past ten Game of Thrones-free months are finally over, though, it’s time to revisit things. We have a bunch of new promo images, a couple of teasers, and — most importantly — Wednesday’s trailer, all of which means there’s more evidence to sift through.

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After watching the trailer a worrying number of times and poring over theories on Reddit, here are some of the things I think will happen in Season 7… Read more…

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Greg Gianforte wins Montana and apologises for allegedly body-slamming reporter


Well, there you go.

Republican Greg Gianforte has won in the special election for Montana’s sole seat in the House of Representatives, according to the Associated Press, only a day after allegedly body-slamming The Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs on Wednesday.

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Thank you, Montana. I am humbled by this incredible honor. I will always be on Montana’s

— Greg Gianforte (@GregForMontana) May 26, 2017

Gianforte was charged with misdemeanor assault following the incident. He apologised to Jacobs and the Fox News crew who witnessed the incident in an address to supporters in the wake of the win on Thursday night. Read more…

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Finally, Twitter unveiled these emoji


For some time there’s been a push for Indigenous Australian flags to be made into emoji, but there hasn’t been much progress.

Twitter moved one step closer with the launch of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flag emoji through hashtags. 

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It’s to help recognise the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum — which removed two discriminatory references against the country’s Indigenous people in the Australian constitution — known as National Sorry Day, and the beginning of the Indigenous round in the Australian Football League. Read more…

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DARPA reveals design of its space plane for faster, cheaper satellite launches


Launching satellites into orbit could get a lot cheaper thanks to an experimental space plane. 

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This week, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) revealed the design for the XS-1, which is set to be built by Boeing. The hypersonic aircraft would launch vertically, deploy a second stage to carry a satellite into orbit, and then land like a normal airplane. 

Although the aircraft is still in the concept phase, DARPA believes the final result will be a vehicle that will provide “short-notice, low-cost access to space” for both military and commercial use. Initial tests of the XS-1 technology will attempt 10 flights over the course of 10 days with the ultimate goal being routine low-Earth orbit flights for around $5 million or less per launch. (Currently, it costs SpaceX about $62 million to launch its Falcon 9 rocket into orbit.) Read more…

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What Harvard graduates saw from Mark Zuckerberg: Humility

TwitterFacebook 1e7c 5ce7%2fthumb%2f00001Read more…

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A 4-year-old saw ’Star Wars’ in 1977 and here’s what he drew


When Star Wars came out back in 1977, there was no merchandise — the toys came a year later — or fast-food tie-ins, or Funko Pops, or “character posters” or endless reels of online trailers to pore over in search of a fix.

We had only the movie, and our memories of it, to go on.

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One 4-year-old kid — who grew up to be this film reporter — saw Star Wars on opening weekend that year. He was so eager to manifest what he’d just seen that the minute he got home, he plopped down at his desk to storyboard everything he could while his mom started making dinner. Read more…

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Another social media marketing campaign just went horribly wrong


What started innocently enough as a giveaway of free soccer tickets to the UEFA Champions League final took a turn for the worse thanks to a handful of online trolls.

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Walkers, the snack company that brings the UK its flavored crisps and other treats, started a social media campaign Thursday, asking fans who wanted to win tickets to tweet a selfie with the #WalkersWave hashtag.

The tweets were turned into a video of former soccer player Gary Lineker waving the “selfies” in front of the background of a stadium.

But trolls quickly realized the selfies weren’t being closely vetted before getting on screen, so everyone from serial killers to convicted felons to communist dictators made it onto the site with the sportscaster unwittingly waving the disturbing faces.   Read more…

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