The Rock flawlessly recreated his most iconic ’90s outfit for ‘SNL’


From 1996 to 2017, The Rock still, well, rocks that turtleneck/fanny pack look.

Almost three years ago, Dwayne Johnson caused an internet uproar when he tweeted a picture of himself from the ’90s wearing a black turtleneck, chain, and leather fanny pack. The image immediately became a solid pop culture staple. People spoofed it, memed it, and dressed up as it for Halloween.

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Fanny pack and lean take it to a whole other level.#90sRock #WTF #BuffLesbian

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) July 16, 2014

Well now The Rock’s classic ’90s look is making its triumphant return. Read more…

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Little bear with green thumb helps woman garden


Animals are just better and kinder than humans — well, most humans. Take this little fluffy bear, for example, who’s helping a woman in Russia dig in the garden. 

He’s doing a great job, and we’re so proud of him. The woman thinks so, too, because she offers him words of encouragement as his tiny paws go. According to a Russian-speaking Redditor, the woman says,”Are you a garden helper, Syomochka? Who’s helping me? Syo-oma! My he-еlper! Digger! Say yes, Syoma! Be more careful.”

Does he mow the lawn, too? If so, where can we get a cutie of our own?

[H/T: Some Cards] Read more…

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Melania Trump has no time for Donald’s need for hand-holding


Few people are capable of telling Donald Trump no — except, maybe, Melania Trump.

Take a look at this latest clip, featuring President Trump walking down an airport tarmac in Israel with his wife Melania. Trump repeatedly goes for his wife’s hand, only to have her smack him away.

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The clip gets really good/profoundly depressing about 4 seconds in.

It’s hard to have any empathy for Melania, who recently delivered a women’s empowerment speech to Saudi women in which she encouraged them to manage their “work life” balanceSaudi women are some of the most oppressed women in the world, and can’t travel or go to the doctor without a male guardian’s permission. Read more…

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Nicole Kidman really, really doesn’t like surprises


Nicole Kidman talked about her impending 50th birthday on the Graham Norton Show on Friday night, and she had a warning for her husband and party-planner-in-chief Keith Urban. 

“I actually break out in a coldsore if I have a surprise,” says Kidman. Urban says he has a lot of stuff planned, but he’s aware of her dislike of surprises. 

“I did have a surprise party once when I was 30 and it was so shocking to me because people had come from overseas and they’d set it all up and people walked in and I broke out in a coldsore […] Like, on the spot,” she said. 

Kidman explained that she had been speaking on the phone to her father who said her mother was “in the garden” in Australia, but moments later she walked into a room in Montana, U.S. Read more…

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I desperately tried to make friends with Jake Gyllenhaal at Cannes


There are many different kinds of love.

There’s the love a man has for his partner. The love a mother has for her child. There’s the love two friends have for each other, or even the love a child has for a waggy-tailed golden retriever.

Then there’s the love I have for Jake Gyllenhaal. I guess the best way I can describe this love is a kind of respect/admiration mixed with a burning desire for us to be best friends, like the way you longed to be best friends with one of the bigger, more popular kids when you were in school. I think it started back around the time I watched Donnie Darko and fully blossomed with my first viewing of Brokeback Mountain. Nowadays, it gets topped up whenever he has a new film out. Read more…

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Woman confronts alt-right founder Richard Spencer in the gym, gets Twitter abuse


Richard Spencer, the founder of the so-called alt-right, has had his gym membership revoked after a woman confronted him over his extremist views.  

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Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown University, is facing abuse on Twitter from alt-right people after tweeting that Spencer had been “ousted” from the gym in Alexandria, Virginia.

Nazi Update: @sportandhealth ousted uber-coward Nazi @RichardBSpencer from our gym. Not me. Lesson? NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE

— (((Christine Fair))) (@CChristineFair) May 19, 2017 Read more…

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Little boy gives rude hand gesture at Pippa Middleton’s wedding, steals the show


Move aside “frowning flower girl” Grace Van Cutsem who stole the show at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding. There’s a new superhero in town and he’s a bit more mischievous. 

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Pippa Middleton married James Matthews over the weekend and one little boy completely stole the show when he appeared to stick two fingers up. 

Was it an accident? Or was this cheeky hand gesture an act of rebellion amidst the pomp and ceremony? We may never know. 

Isn’t this kid giving the two finger salute at the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews?

— Nick Spence (@Nickfromupnorth) May 20, 2017 Read more…

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This Bollywood superstar has become the most followed Indian national on Weibo


Bollywood star Aamir Khan is certainly making waves in China. 

Khan has overtaken Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to become the most followed Indian national on Chinese social media.

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The 51-year-old actor and director now has almost 650,000 fans, up against Modi’s 160,000 —  previously the highest amount of fans for any Indian national on Weibo. 

The reason for his success? His new movie, Dangal.

Smashing box office records

The movie, which is known as “Let’s wrestle, Dad” in Mandarin, is based on a true story of two female wrestlers — and has gone on to become the highest-grossing Indian film ever in China. Read more…

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Lost bunny reunited with its owner thanks to the help of Twitter


You’ve had a fairly lucky life if you’ve never lost anything as a child.

But for the rest of us who’ve forgotten something in a public place and failed to ever see it again, it can be a pretty upsetting experience as a child. 

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Fortunately, the internet can help reunite lost toys with their pint-sized owners. Case in point “Sad Bunny,” who was found travelling on its lonesome on a train carriage in Sydney, Australia. 

“I’m sad. A child dropped bunny from pram getting off at Wynyard as doors closed,” Andrew Parker wrote on Twitter Friday.  Read more…

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Elon Musk promises smoother new autopilot for Tesla cars


It’s the middle of the night on a Sunday in the U.S., and of course Elon Musk is on Twitter. 

This time, the Tesla CEO shared a couple of details regarding the seemingly never-ending rollout of the second version of Autopilot. According to Musk, new software will be deployed to Tesla cars “next month,” and the new control algorithm will offer a much smoother ride than before. 

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The new software will only be deployed to owners of second-generation (HW2) Tesla cars, as the first-generation (HW1) cars don’t have “enough sensors and computing power.” Read more…

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