Zendaya and Tom Holland adorably act out how they handled their ‘Spider-Man’ height difference

Zendaya is a couple inches taller than Tom Holland. That’s no big deal, people come in all shapes and sizes. But their height difference creates some logistical complications on a movie like Spider-Man: No Way Home, as the two stars adorably demonstrated during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

There’s one particular scene in No Way Home where Holland’s Spider-Man swings Zendaya’s MJ up to the top of a bridge and gently places her down as they land. Except because they’re tethered together on the set in the real world and she’s the taller one, physical laws dictate that her feet hit the ground first.

The problem with that, as Holland explained in a playfully dickish way, is “I’m the superhero. I’m supposed to look cool.” That dynamic makes for an awkward landing where he’d regularly start to fall, only to have Zendaya swoop in to catch him. To really drive it home, the two actors showcase their innate chemistry as they stand up with no discussion and demonstrate what Zendaya’s heroic moves look like.

Holland, for his part, is completely unruffled by the whole situation. After Zendaya notes how “lovely” he is about the whole thing, Holland excitedly declares: “It’s so nice to be caught for a change!”

Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives in theaters on Dec. 17.

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