Well-done steak and other items on Donald Trump’s tour rider


President Donald Trump is traveling abroad for the first time in his presidency for an international tour with stops in Saudi Ararbia, Israel, Italy, and Belgium, where I’m sure absolutely nothing at all will go wrong. 

But something about Donald’s first stop on this tour struck me as odd. According to a report, Saudi Arabia is preparing to welcome Donald Trump with his favorite, very Not Insane meal: well-done steak and ketchup. 

Folks, this leads me to believe that Trump has a tour rider. For those unfamiliar, a rider is a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance. Usually bands will have one that includes the food or drink or whatever they want in their dressing room. The only reasonable explanation as to why Saudi Arabia would serve him burnt steak is that he must have demanded it ahead of time. Read more…

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