Watch an alligator chase a dude in a kayak


Today in Nature is Scary, an innocent kayaker was chased by an alligator in the Gulf Coast of Alabama. 

Shannon Collins shared two videos of the incident to her Facebook on Tuesday, which took place in Spanish Fort. In the clip, a man in a yellow kayak can be seen looking back at an alligator in the water. When he attempts to paddle away from the gator, it follows.

“Get out of the water, dude,” Collins can be heard saying in another video of the gator giving chase. 

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“That gator followed him until he docked, then stayed there by him until he loaded his kayak in his truck and left,” Collins wrote in a comment on Facebook. “He got a little too close to her babies we think and she wasnt [sic] letting him out of her sight. That gator was serious.” Read more…

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