Thursday may be a weather nerd’s dream, but it’s a nightmare for some


From a late season snowstorm in Colorado and Wyoming to a Great Plains tornado outbreak and record heat in the East, Thursday is bringing out the “extreme” in U.S. spring weather. 

For weather nerds, it’s time to truly geek out and observe the clashing of air masses and intense weather systems, but for anyone living in a zone of “moderate” to “high” risk of severe thunderstorms, including violent, long-lasting tornadoes, Thursday is also a time to prepare to seek shelter if necessary later in the day or overnight. 

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The dangerous outbreak of severe thunderstorms — including damaging winds, large hail, and violent, “long-track” tornadoes — is directly connected to a weather system annoying millions in Colorado with a return to winter. While a few inches of slush is piling up in Denver and its nearby suburbs, higher elevations are getting dumped on with upwards of 2 feet of snow.  Read more…

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