There’s one massive hole in the ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer


Every tease for Game of Thrones Season has emphasized the ubiquitous threat of White Walkers trekking south to kill every living person in Westeros.

In the official trailer, released Wednesday morning, they’re nowhere to be seen.

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When Game of Thrones premiered in 2011, we met the White Walkers within several minutes of Episode 1. We’ve seen more of this murderous band of the undead from North of the Wall with each passing season. 

Remember how uncool this was??

Remember how uncool this was??

Image: hbonow

The White Walkers have been integral to marketing Season 7 up until this point. The first teaser in March ended with a spiral pattern of dead bodies and zoomed out to reveal a White Walker’s eye. Later that month, fans critically analyzed images in the Walker’s eye. Just a day before the official trailer dropped, we got a 13-second teaser of the Night’s King leering. Read more…

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