The latest ransomware attack used an alleged NSA exploit


An alleged NSA hacking tool has again surfaced to haunt the world.

Organizations across the globe — including Boryspil International in Kiev, Ukraine, a Russian oil company and an advertising company in the United Kingdom — have stalled out on Tuesday as a type of ransomware known as Petya has locked up their computers, demanding bitcoin in exchange for the return of those computers’ functionality.

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The tool the ransomware uses to get inside computers is called Eternal Blue, and it’s more of an exploit than a tool. Leaked by a group (or person) known as the Shadow Brokers back in April, Eternal Blue is an exploit that finds a way into the transport protocols (think file sharing mechanisms and such) of computers running Windows that haven’t been patched in a few months. It’s proven to be a key ingredient for hackers looking to access a lot of Windows machines. Read more…

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