The best robot vacuum and mop combos for busy people who want clean floors

Despite what mop and vacuum commercials try to make us believe, precisely nobody is champing at the bit to pull out the old mop and bucket or plug in the vacuum cleaner during their Saturday morning cleaning sessions.

It’s not that the act of tidying the floors is particularly cumbersome or strenuous for most people but there’s just something about taking the time to pull out these handheld cleaning devices and deal with the dirty mop water and dust bins that rightly earns a collective groan… and is also why the robot vacuum has become a well-loved household tool over the past decade.

Robot vacuums, and particularly robot vacuum and mop combo cleaners, have become more and more popular over the years for a very good reason: they take almost all the effort out of cleaning the floors without sacrificing the sparkle and shine that come along with freshly cleaned surfaces. No longer do we need to worry about stress cleaning before guests arrive, getting down on our hands and knees to remove stuck-on kitchen messes, or trying to deal with an entire bucket’s worth of dirty mop water after doing the deed.


These are the best robot vacuums for keeping small spaces sparkling clean

If we’re being honest here, combination robot vacuums and mops are a real game-changer for anyone who likes to keep their floors sparkling but who doesn’t exactly love putting in the leg work or dealing with the yucky aftermath of a mop bucket. Which is exactly why we’re researching and reviewing the best robot vacuum and mop combo cleaners. Here, you’ll find everything you need to get clear on the right robot device for your household —whether you want something to complement your own existing tidying efforts — or take over the task entirely.

What to look for in a robot vacuum mop combo

What to look for when shopping for a robot vacuum and mop combo cleaner really depends on your particular lifestyle and the budget you’re looking to stick with. Whether you’re looking for something that will tackle big messes with ease, or something that you can set and forget, there are a few key factors you’ll want to keep in mind regardless of budget or lifestyle requirements.

Power and battery life: If you’re hoping to swap your mop and bucket for a hybrid robot vacuum, you’ll want to ensure that the device you choose has a healthy enough battery life to cover your entire surface area. A 90-minute battery life should be enough for most homes and apartments — but if you’re working with significant square footage, consider a robot that charges and resumes where it left off.

Size: Not unlike the power and battery life, you’ll want to make sure the dust bin and water reservoir in your robot mop is an appropriate match for your home. If you’re living in a condo or apartment, you probably won’t need a massive vacuum reservoir, but if you’re hoping to cover an entire house, you’ll probably want to look for something that you won’t have to empty out after every single cleaning session.

Sensors and floor surfaces: Whether your home is carpeted, tiled, hardwood, or a combination of the three, you’ll want to make sure you pick up a robot mop that is designed to treat your given flooring. If you’re dealing with rugs, tiles, and a variety of other surfaces, you should look for a mop that has sensors to determine the difference and handle a myriad of surfaces safely and effectively.

Ease of set up and maintenance: Keep in mind that while robot mops take most of the heavy lifting off your hands, you’ll still have to keep an eye on your device and perform regular maintenance. Certain robot mops actually offer self-emptying features but most will require you to physically dump out the dust bin and water reserve.

Smart home integration: Did you want something that you can set to run from your phone, or are you hoping to find something that will work with the simple push of a button? Opting for a robot that includes smart home and app integration is a great option if you’re hoping to schedule cleans, have access to maintenance issues, or set up specific zones you’d like the robot to tackle or avoid.

Are mopping robots worth it?

Think about the last time you pulled your mop out of your laundry room or utility closet. What comes to your mind’s eye? For most of us—even if we enjoy the satisfying feeling of mopping our floors; getting rid of all the little stains and footprints and watching them dry into good-as-new condition—putting in the effort to fill up the mop bucket, physically mop the floors, and then clean the mop and bucket is a huge time suck and logistical headache.

Not only does a mopping robot vacuum take the actual effort of mopping out of the equation, it makes the clean-up afterward a whole lot more streamlined and manageable while also taking up much less storage space. For those reasons alone, deciding to purchase a robot vacuum and mop combo cleaner is very much worth the investment.

All things considered, which robot mop cleans the best?

Looking to the sheer abundance of high tech robot mops out there, it can be difficult to really determine which one is right for your own home and budget—but thankfully, due to the sophisticated dual-purpose of the device, it’s pretty hard to go wrong if you’re sticking to the more well-respected brands in the business.

If you’re still stuck on exactly which robot vacuum and mop combo cleaner you should be investing in, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’re outlining some of the top-rated robot mop combos on the market right now—including the features you should be looking out for (and the ones that you don’t need to worry about).

Whether you’re looking for something that can handle kids, pet hair, and the messes that come along with a bustling household, or you just want something that will add some extra sparkle and shine to your already well-kempt flooring, these are the best robot vacuum and mop combo cleaners for any and all households. All you’ll have to do is kick your feet up (and occasionally dump out the dust bag and refill the water reservoir).

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