Tech Firm Makes Long Distance Move

Long Road Ahead For California Tech Firm

long distance moveCal-Tech Tools announced Friday that they were making the long distance move from Silicon Valley to New Jersey. Surprised by this decision, Wall Street reacted to the move like any other. Stock prices dropped immediately as investors speculated on the cause of the move. One investor said while being interviewed, “you don’t just move your technology business from Silicon Valley to New Jersey because you want too”. That being said, you have to wonder why a giant tech firm like Cal-Tech tools would up and leave the most innovated geographical location in modern history. California has been a hub for tech startups and tech minded people in general for decades. Apple is an example that everyone could relate too. Steve Jobs built Apple into the dominant business it is today right there in Silicon Valley. We tried contacting the corporate offices and industry lawyers to try and understand the motive behind the move. After multiple attempts we did not hear back from either the corporate offices nor the legal group we had emailed. So I decided to make a list, to help make sense of the move, and I think you will laugh at the results I came up with.

Why Move Long Distance From CA TO NJ

• There is no good reason to move that far!

• Because you are being acquired by another company?

• Because the CEO is a Bon Jovi fan?

• Because New Jersey is such a nice place to live? (Yeah Right)

• Because Cal-Tech Tools is going under? (Haha)

All Jokes Aside

Okay, so that list was less than serious but it was all I had. Without a phone call returned and nobody to interview I was short on insider information. As I was driving around the back of the corporate office however I did spot a moving truck with New Jersey license plates. I jumped out of the car and ran over to the moving truck to talk to the guys packing the trucks. None of them had any valuable information other than they were hired to move the office furniture long distance across the country from CA to NJ. After talking with the guys at Bluebell Relocation, we packed our stuff up and made the long distance move out there as a temporary solution until we found out more details about the move.

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