Seth MacFarlane’s new space comedy could fill the ‘Galaxy Quest’ void in your heart


In addition to re-reviving The X-Files and passing on American Idol, Fox’s new 2017-2018 season lineup is all about sci-fi, hot doctors and superheroes — what’s not to love?

The broadcast network is following in the footsteps of sister channel FX with The Gifted, a drama set in the X-Men universe, along with several high-concept new series. They include:

  • The Orville, Seth MacFarlane’s Galaxy Quest-esque sci-fi series that gives the space travel tropes of Star Trek a comedic twist.

  • Ghosted, a buddy comedy starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott as a pair of Mulder and Scully-lite paranormal investigators.

  • The Resident, starring The Good Wife and Gilmore Girls‘ Matt Czuchry as a rebellious doctor who breaks the rules and, judging by that artful stubble, probably breaks a few hearts along the way. Read more…

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