Save 31% on an enormous version of ‘Uno’

SAVE 31%: The UNO Giant Family Card Game is on sale for $13.85 at Walmart as of Jan. 24. It’s just like regular Uno, except it’s very big.

For whatever reason, the giant versions of childhood games — like Jenga and Connect Four — are much more fun than the originals.

Another game that’s super-sized itself? Your favorite matching card game: Uno. As of Jan. 24, you can grab it on sale for $13.85 at Walmart — 31% off its usual price. (You can also find the same deal at Amazon for a limited time.)

Giant Uno is the same game you might know and love from childhood, but three times its normal size. You still race to get rid of your cards by matching a card in your hand with the top card on the discard pile. And you still yell “Uno!” when you have a single card left. But with larger cards, there’s more to love.

You’ll get 108 oversized cards in a pack, including a handful of customizable wild cards. That means you can make up your own silly rules. Up to 10 people can play at a time.

Giant Uno Card Game

Credit: Mattel

Giant Uno

$13.85 at Walmart (save 31%)

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