Netflix’s new film is already getting ’13 Reasons Why’ criticism — and it’s not even out yet


To the Bone doesn’t premiere on Netflix until July 14, but the streaming platform is already facing sharp online criticism from people who say the trailer’s portrayal of a young woman’s eating disorder is triggering and potentially harmful. 

One look at the Twitter hashtag #TotheBone and it’s easy to see why those who’ve had eating disorders are worried about how the film portrays a complex condition like anorexia, which often isn’t accurately or responsibly depicted in the media. 

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The two-minute trailer focuses on Ellen, played by actress Lily Collins, who counts calories and becomes increasingly frail until a presumably triumphant turnaround. Ellen’s extreme thinness is the subject of much of the criticism, as are fears that the movie romanticizes what can be a fatal disorder. The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) recommends against showing “dangerous thinness” because of the way that imagery can affect people experiencing or recovering from an eating disorder.  Read more…

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