Mysterious Frankenstein-like R2-D2 sells for $2.6 million


As C-3PO might say: R2-D2, what are you? What are you?

A mystery seller just auctioned off a version of the famous Star Wars droid — one that was assembled, Frankenstein’s monster-like, from parts used in separate Artoos in five separate George Lucas-made movies — to an anonymous buyer for $2.6 million. 

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That’s $1.6 million more than the starting price, and $600,000 more than the expected maximum. 

But questions about the legitimacy of this particular droid have been raised by members of the international R2 Builders Club, the organization of droid lovers that Lucasfilm worked with to construct the Artoo unit seen in The Force Awakens. Several members claim that its dome matched the description of one that went missing from the set of Star Wars Episode I.  Read more…

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