Make delicious concoctions at home with an Omega cold press juicer on sale

Save $49.86: Take your breakfast to the next level with the Omega cold press juicer, which is back at its lowest price to date ($280.09) at Amazon. As of Jan. 25, save 15%.

Want to start your weekdays with a delicious glass of homemade cold-pressed juice? Get more juice for your buck with the Omega masticating cold press juicer, which is on sale for $280.09 at Amazon.

This Omega pick, which was released in 2021, is a juicer of the slow and masticating variety. This separates it from faster centrifugal juicers, which risk breaking down vital vitamins and nutrients due to the heat they generate. This juicer is designed to not only offer a higher yield of juice, but also to pack a better nutritional punch.

It also packs plenty of power for more than just juice. Its 200-watt motor means it can make sauces, baby food, and more.

Omega cold press J8006HDC juicer with carrots and carrot juice in jar

Credit: Omega

Omega cold press juicer

$280.09 at Amazon (save $49.86)

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