Laverne Cox boldly addresses the one issue the LGBTQ community doesn’t want to talk about


In the back room of a bustling Pride event, Laverne Cox sits on an aging brown leather chair with her legs elegantly crossed. The actress and activist nibbles on a rainbow chocolate ice cream with more grace than should be humanly possible. The cold snack has worn off some of Cox’s perfectly pink lipstick, but she still looks as poised as ever. 

That, however, is no a surprise when it comes to the queer community’s queen, who’s seen as the pinnacle of flawlessness — both in her appearance and her brilliance. 

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House music, a cornerstone of any Pride celebration, blares in the background, but Cox remains unfazed by the booming sound. The GLAAD and MAGNUM New York event has all the makings of a queer celebration — drag queens, voguing, and a healthy dose of bass.  Read more…

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