Latest Twitter meme doesn’t care about your promise not to cry

Emotions always run high on Twitter. Thankfully, at least on Wednesday, they were the good kind of emotions.

The latest meme to rip across the social media platform calls out heartfelt, sad, and poignant moments from our favorite shows. In doing so, it tears to shreds whatever promise we made to ourselves not to cry.

“I promise I won’t cry,” reads the meme text in part. “It’s just a single frame from a TV show.”

This promise is followed up by “the frame” in question — which of course is the most emotional shot possible from shows like The Good Place, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Fleabag, or Futurama — immediately causing the tweeter to break their promise.

And then there are the delightful joke versions, where the tweeter flips the entire thing on its head.

Which, frankly, provide a much needed emotional palate cleanser after the welling up we just went through.

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