Kayak’s emoji search function brings the speed and fun of texting to travel


Travel should be fun, not a hellish slog through dystopian security checkpoints and zombie-service employees with penal institution levels of charm. 

That’s why Kayak’s decision to add a bit of whimsy into the travel process by adding an emoji search function is more than welcome. 

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If you’re not emoji fluent, this is the perfect excuse to step up your emoji game and learn about some of the more obscure symbols hiding in your texting arsenal. 

The function doesn’t work for all cities yet, but the first cities included are New York (?), Tokyo (?  sushi!), Chicago (?  O’Hare Airport), Dublin, Ireland (☘️ ), Las Vegas (slots! ? ), Easter Island (? ), Amsterdam (? red light, get it?), Los Angeles, San Francisco (? yep, that’s a smartphone), and Toronto (? ).  Read more…

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