Joss Whedon gets real about losing Planned Parenthood in new short film


In real life, there aren’t superheroes who save us from doom or injustice. 

Instead, we look to Hollywood directors like Joss Whedon to transform those comic book fantasies into a spectacle for the small screen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) or large screen (The Avengers). 

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But now Whedon is tackling a real-life threat that could endanger millions of Americans. On Wednesday, he debuted a short film illustrating what might happen if Planned Parenthood shutters clinics across the country. 

It would sound far-fetched if the House hadn’t recently passed a healthcare bill that proposes revoking Planned Parenthood’s federal funding for one year. If that provision becomes law, it would mean low-income women couldn’t use Medicaid to access routine services from Planned Parenthood — and it would be a devastating financial blow to the nonprofit health care provider.  Read more…

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