Instagram is going after the best part of Snapchat in the worst way


Instagram is compiling Instagram posts based on location. Sounds like it’s copying Snapchat Our Stories, right? 

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Well, it would be, if it were putting any editorial judgment into what’s being created and if the content shared on Instagram was actually enjoyable to watch. 

Instead, Instagram is simply letting algorithms do its bidding by compiling posts from user’s publicly-shared Instagram Stories into a slideshow based on the location tag, TechCrunch reported Tuesday. 

While TechCrunch may refer to this move by Instagram as an “exciting moment,” I look at it and say, “Nice try.” TechCrunch also wrote “As of today, Instagram has copied that last major Snapchat Stories feature,” which is just blatantly false because Snapchat has something we like to have in the journalism industry: editors. Read more…

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