If This Then That is ready for its second act


When If This Then That emerged in 2012, it was something of a curiosity, albeit a wonky one. 

The service allowed users to tie together disparate applications into “recipes.” Through IFTTT, for example, you could set up a system to get a text notification when a particular person posts to Instagram. 

It was useful (disclosure: I have an IFTTT recipe that texts me the weather every morning) but not the most user friendly service. It required a unreasonable amount of effort to set up, and it was also limited in what you could connect. Cool idea, but maybe a little early. 

On Wednesday, IFTTT announced its second act. The core is still the same — IFTTT is the connective tissue between all the disparate things in your life — but the user experience is dramatically different. If it works, you won’t need to do much with IFTTT anymore — the services you use will do it for you. Read more…

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