‘Hooning’ is the latest obscure term confusing and delighting the internet


So, if you didn’t know, Australia’s car culture is pretty hugeMad Max-esque, even.

And just like in Mad Max world, there’s an odd-sounding name, especially granted to drivers who race up and down public streets like Furiosa, partaking in “burnouts,” and “donuts.”

They’re called “hoons,” and people are baffled by it.

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Queensland police set up a hotline in 2010 — aptly called 13 HOON — for the public to snitch on offenders who’ve been racing on their streets. 

Queensland police has a dedicated hoon hotline, 13HOON, to which you can report hoons and counter hooning (you can also report hoons online) pic.twitter.com/NSBW61V5lI

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