Here’s what it would take for Trump to actually get impeached


For President Trump, every new day brings a new impeachable offense.

The list of seemingly impeachable crimes grows by the minute — one second, he’s leaking secrets to a foreign adversary, the next, he’s openly admitting to obstruction of justice on national television. But contrary to what you may have heard from the lamestream media, Congressional Republicans aren’t afraid of him. 

They’re more than willing to impeach the president, assuming he commits what they consider an impeachable offense. 

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Below are a list of crimes that Congressional Republicans would consider impeachable offenses. Of course, they’d need a large number of votes to secure impeachment, including the House and two thirds of the Senate. If Trump commits one of these offenses, however, they’ll courageously push forward — their Oath is to the Constitution, not the President. Read more…

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