Eric Adams despairs at NYC’s ‘swagless existence’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Eric Adams is officially the mayor of New York City, which means it’s time he gets the Saturday Night Live treatment. In the latest episode, Chris Redd debuted his Adams impression during a press conference about New York’s “swagless existence” before he assumed his role as mayor.

Redd’s Adams go on to say students must be in school despite COVID because of all the “swagless parents” out there. He then explains that he was a police officer for over 70 years — no, 97 years — actually, 222 years — and he won’t tolerate questions about, say, the nepotism of hiring his brother as the head of his security detail.

At the end of the presser, Adams tells the virus that it’s “welcome any time in New York, and you can print that.” Let’s be real, this parody isn’t too far off from how the new mayor is handling his responsibilities.

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