Eliminate annoying gnats and fruit flies with a Katchy bug trap on sale

katchy bug trap in black with purple uv light and flies around it

SAVE 50%: Eliminate mosquitos, gnats, and other annoying insects from your space with the Katchy bug trap. It’s on sale for $25.19 at Amazon, which includes an extra 10% off coupon, as of August 12 — that’s $24.80 in savings.

Even if you’re a lover of all living things, we all have our limit for how long we can keep our cool with a gnat or a fruit fly buzzing around our face. When you’ve reached yours, grab a Katchy bug trap to evict those pesky insects from your home.

The Katchy indoor insect trap uses a combination of UV light, a fan, and a glue board to attract and trap small flying insects like gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitoes. And as of August 12, it’s on sale for just $25.19 at Amazon with the clipped 10% off coupon — that’s a total of 50% off its MSRP of $49.99.

This silent killer has a UV light that attracts the bugs and a built-in fan to reel them in. The sticky glue board finishes the job, ensuring fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitos are done for. To get the best results, turn it on at night, since light attracts bugs, and set it close to insect-ridden fruit, plants, or the trash can.

It’s designed to fit into your home seamlessly, rather than looking like an ugly bug-trapping device. You won’t have to constantly look at the dead bugs aligning the glue boards, in other words. They’re conveniently tucked inside the Katchy, only to been seen when you swap them out for new ones.

While it’s no miracle worker and probably won’t put a dent in a genuine bug infestation, it can handle those gnats, mosquitos, and fruit flies. And aren’t those the most annoying of all the bugs?

katchy bug trap in black with purple uv light

Credit: Katchy

Katchy manual bug trap
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$25.19 at Amazon with clipped coupon (save 50%)

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