Developer of PC survival game ‘Rust’ shrugs off $4 million in refunds like it’s nothing


Imagine a $4 million loss sliding off your back like it’s no big deal. Well, Rust developer Garry Newman doesn’t have to imagine it at all. 

On Wednesday, he casually tweeted this: 

Added sales stats to our backend today. These are Rust’s real Steam Refund

— Garry Newman (@garrynewman) June 28, 2017

All told, Facepunch Studios gave out $4 million in refunds — which is only 6 percent of the total sales Rust has made since its soft launch release on Steam’s Early Access platform three and a half years ago, according to an interview Newman did with PCGamesN. 

The whole point of Rust is to survive its world, and you’re not given a lot of tools to help you do that. Here’s how the game is described on its website: Read more…

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