Electronic Recycling Companies

E Waste Is Big Business

Companies around the globe are liquidating unused and outdated equipment. As technology advances, more electronic components than ever are ending up in land fills. There are now businesses that specialize in IT asset recovery and provide on site and off site data destruction and recovery services. Businesses that upgrade existing hardware are often in need of  a secure method for disposal. Electronic waste in land fills has become such a problem that businesses are becoming R2 certified in order to maintain certifications for clean recycling and e-waste disposal.

Computer Recycling

e waste disposal and electronics recycling Recycling your old equipment is an option if the hardware isn’t so outdated that it’s not compatible with anything on the market today. if it’s fairly new, the hard drive can be removed, replaced, and the computer can be repurposed by schools or families in need of a computer. By removing the hard drive you eliminate the possibility of data theft. R2 certified recyclers have to abide by the certifications by which they operate. On site and off site hard drive shredding, and computer recycling services are available.


Shredding Your Hard Drive

If you have ever handled a hard drive then you know that these devices are not very shreddable. Enter the new era of computer hard drive shredders that are like industrial paper shredders for metal. These shredders grind through the housing and the plates and literally shred the drive to pieces, again, eliminating the possibility for data theft.


Use Certified Companies For Your Recycling Needs

If you decide it’s time for your business to clean house, don’t just rely on anyone. Find a certified R2 recycling company to do the job for you. A business like CDR Global  is a certified computer recycling company and hard drive shredder. Don’t trust that secure disposal of your precious data to just anyone, make sure they are certified and maintain best practices while recycling and shredding electronics.


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