Bernie Sanders slams Trumpcare in just 3 words


The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its newest findings on the American Health Care Act and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was having none of it. 

The CBO’s latest report notes that 23 million people would lose health insurance coverage within the next ten years thanks to the bill the U.S. House has already passed. 

Sanders summed it up in three words.

What a disgrace.

— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) May 24, 2017

The CBO’s March report on the initial AHCA proposal said 24 million would lose insurance in the same time frame so, progress? 

The CBO also found nearly twice as many people would be left uninsured by 2026 as would under the current law, the Affordable Care Act, which was signed by President Barack Obama: “An estimated 51 million people under age 65 would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law.” Read more…

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