Why most self-driving car companies use these 3 models

Why most self-driving car companies use these 3 models

Cars from Google spin-off Waymo have logged 20 million milesRussia’s Yandex and China’s Baidu have programmed cars to stop at streetlights, yield to pedestrians, and pass slow vehicles. 

But these companies don’t build their own cars. Instead, most of them rely on a few popular models with easy-to-hack computer and infotainment systems that don’t require a lot of retrofitting. The cars might have different logos and sensors on them, but underneath, they’re the same. So what cars are self-driving companies using?

Lincoln MKZ

Qualcomm is building an advanced driving system that is basically autonomous, but still keeps the human driver in charge. The chipmaker is focused on giving car companies a “plug-and-play supported platform.” That means a carmaker can pick and choose what tools and features they want built into the car, from warning systems to fully automated highway driving.  Read more…

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