Why CNN could soon share your Snapchat content


For all of Snapchat’s current woes, one of its greatest strengths continues to be its content. 

Whether it’s music festivals, sporting events, catastrophic storms, or other breaking news events, Snapchat has set itself apart from its peers due to its unique ability to provide a first-person view into what’s happening around the world. 

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The challenge for Snap, though, has been that all that content isn’t always easily discoverable outside of the confines of its app. But that’s beginning to change.

Now, Snapchat has enlisted an array of publisher partners to help make sure its user-generated content reaches the largest possible audience. The company announced a new program that will allow publishers to curate their own “Our Stories” using publicly submitted Snapchat content. Over the next few weeks, these Stories will appear in the app’s Discover section and are also viewable on the web.  Read more…

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