Whiteboard Memoirs: my new life in the tech lane


Uber’s impressive string of fiascos has singlehandledly underscored the need for more women in tech. A company that lacks diversity often lacks an intrinsic system of checks and balances. 

Uber, however, is not unique. The tech industry is riddled with gender gaps. And to date, attempts to bridge these gaps haven’t proved successful. Champions of change suggest evaluating the possible barriers to diversity, starting with the hiring process. 

This then leads to a critique of the whiteboard, which typically serves as the gatekeeper to the the entire tech interviewing process. 

I’ve a stake in this game as I aspire to live life in the tech lane. After working at a corporate law firm and spending the last eight years founding an impact-focused startup, I recently embarked on the Ada Developers Academy program. The intensive, year-long program is meant to provide women and people of non-binary gender with the opportunity to go from zero to coder in a short period of time. Read more…

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