When will tampon users stop shaming pad users?


For far too long, people who use menstrual pads have been doubly stigmatized: first for their periods, and second, for their feminine hygiene product of choice.

“Why do you want to wear an adult diaper?” tampon loyalists will ask. They are confident that their hygiene product is the superior one. They believe those who choose pads are weak, anachronistic, regressive. Pad users, in their minds, are blind to social norms and addicted to the pleasures of the napkin, a disposable mattress for the vagina. 

Times have changed. It is 2018: time for menstrual pad users to reclaim their rightful role at the apex of the feminine hygiene product hierarchy and stand up for what they believe in. (Unless it’s the first day of their period, in which case, please take a chair.) Read more…

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