What is Babe? Meet the site that published the Aziz Ansari allegation


Bringing a laptop to Saturday brunch isn’t the best look. But for Eleni Mitzali, it was a necessary faux pas. 

“I can’t bring myself to be away from it while all these responses are coming in,” the managing editor at Babe.net had texted a friend, explaining why she’d be glued to her computer during the social outing. She was fielding fact checks and edits for a story about sexual misconduct that would shake the entertainment world later that weekend. 

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At 7 p.m. that night, the little-known site published an account of sexual misconduct relating to actor Aziz Ansari, who won a Globe Globe for his Netflix series Master of None last week. At the time he wore a Time’s Up pin, supporting a movement battling sexual harassment in Hollywood and beyond. Now, he was being accused of pressuring a 23-year-old New Yorker into sex acts that made her uncomfortable. The woman, who Babe refers to by the pseudonym Grace and was 22 at the time, went on a dinner date with Ansari in September. She went to his apartment afterward and left crying in an Uber. Read more…

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