We spoke to the vigilante hackers who stole $85 million in ether to save it


Deciding to steal $85 million worth of cryptocurrency isn’t something to take lightly. 

For the members of the White Hat Group, however, it seemed to be the only move left. On July 19, the loose collection of hackers and cryptocurrency experts were alerted to the theft of $32 million worth of ether — the so-called money unit of Ethereum — and realized that if they didn’t act quickly the losses would spread. 

An hour and fifteen minutes later they started hacking.

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However, this isn’t your typical cryptocurrency heist story. Because instead of lining their own pockets, the White Hat Group was allegedly taking the money in order to prevent it from getting stolen by a malicious hacker — planning to return the ether to its rightful owners as soon as the vulnerable wallets that allowed the heist could be repaired.  Read more…

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