We reread ‘Lord of the Flies,’ and it’s way more sinister than you remember


Ahhh, the simple struggles of childhood: Why can’t you just play all the time? What happens when you argue with a friend? How do you grapple with the existential dilemma that comes with realizing the beast terrorizing humanity was us all along? 

Okay, maybe that last one is a bit extreme, but that’s the core question that the child characters must face in William Golding’s classic tale Lord of the Flies.

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The book follows a group of British school students who crash land on a deserted island, and must survive with no resources or adults, unsure if or when they will be rescued. As kids try to govern themselves, they quickly split into two factions: the orderly students focusing on being found, led by Ralph, and the brutal hunters determined to rule the island, led by Jack.  Read more…

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