We regret to inform you that pumpkin spice Spam exists


Pumpkin spice season is upon us, and the food industry is already starting to unleash its wrath of candle-scented products for our autumnal consumption. 

Including pumpkin spice-flavored Spam. 

The concoction will only be available for purchase on Spam.com and Walmart.com starting Sept. 23, but the brave souls at the Daily Meal did the world a favor and tried it out early. In a thorough review, they noted that the signature pumpkin spice scent “only intensified” as the vaguely meat product fried on a stovetop.

The verdict: Pumpkin spice Spam, as cursed as it sounds, isn’t that bad. 

Tasters said they could see the product pairing well with breakfast dishes like waffles or in a nice egg scramble.  Read more…

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