Watch a bunch of teens willingly get pepper sprayed for class


A group of teens willingly stood against a wall and got a dose of pepper spray to the face as a part of a criminal technology course at Barberton High School in Ohio.

“Stop resisting, please comply,” the instructor can be heard saying before spraying each teen directly in the face. 

Barberton City Schools Superintendent Patricia Cleary said in a phone call that the career tech class is sanctioned through the Ohio Department of Education. The exercise is supposed to help students who may be going into law enforcement understand the effects of pepper spray. 

Each student who took part in the exercise needed a waiver signed by their parents. While the exercise was not mandatory, each student that got sprayed earned a point towards graduation. In order to graduate from a career tech program in Ohio, students need 12 points, so the spray was probably well worth it for some. Others were clearly regretting their decision to partake.  Read more…

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