UNICEF launches free app that converts your daily steps into life-saving nutrition


UNICEF is ramping up its efforts to help American kids get active and save lives, and it’s using tech to do it.

Two years after it officially launched its Kid Power fitness bands, which help kids convert their daily steps into life-saving nutrition for malnourished children in the developing world, the organization has launched a free app for people of all ages to use their physical activity for good. 

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The UNICEF Kid Power app, now available for iOS and Android, tracks your activity through your smartphone — the iPhone’s Health app, for example — or through your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or other fitness tracker connected to your phone. Every 2,500 steps you take earns you a point, and 10 points “unlock” a ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) package that UNICEF, through the program’s sponsors, will deliver to a child with severe acute malnutrition. Read more…

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