Trump plans to do a live Twitter forum in Saudi Arabia. But really.


Uh, so, okay: This is real. 

President Donald Trump is going to take part in a live Twitter forum when he visits Saudi Arabia on Friday, according to National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster. 

Here’s video from a Tuesday briefing that proves this is more than an idea:

So the plan appears to be that young people in Saudi Arabia will have some kind of dialogue with the president, and the youngsters can live-tweet whatever the president says. 

And now, an incomplete, ongoing list of questions, in no particular order:

– Someone approved this? 

– Someone with enough influence in the White House woke up one morning and thought: “What if we get a bunch of teenager-ish people to live-tweet the president’s remarks—off the cuff, no less— and then, let’s do that in a predominantly Muslim country during the president’s first trip outside the U.S.?” Read more…

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