‘The Spider-Man: Homecoming’ poster was very bad, but consider the other options


The other day, we finally got our first look at the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie poster. And it was pretty bad.

I was worried that the new Spider-Man wouldn’t feature any people, so this poster is very reassuringpic.twitter.com/BUR77wU3vG

— Edwin Davies (@EdwinJDavies) May 24, 2017

Nothing really makes sense here. The colors are all over the place and Iron Man is on there twice. All the trailers have been electric, and all the previous posters have looked really good, so what happened on this one?

That’s right, budget issues. They blew their entire budget on the first few posters and had little to nothing left to spend on this poster. They commissioned six very inexpensive, novice graphic designers and the one they went with was the best one by a mile.  Read more…

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