The Harvey Weinstein saga proves yet again why women don’t come forward about sexual abuse


If Harvey Weinstein’s downfall is a chilling reminder of the ways in which men can and do abuse their powers, it’s an equally effective demonstration of why their victims find it so difficult to come forward.

That these women are speaking out at all is remarkable, given that the system – heck, our culture as a whole – is stacked against them every step of the way. Let’s break it down. 

Women are made to feel ashamed for not fighting hard enough

In the past couple of weeks, dozens of women have accused Weinstein of sexually harassing, assaulting, or raping them over the decades – and those are just the ones we know of. There is no telling how many more might be out there, unwilling or unable to share their stories at this point in time. (While Weinstein has apologized for his treatment of women, he has denied allegations of rape through a spokesperson.) Read more…

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