The darkest fake media in ‘Black Mirror’: A complete guide


When the then-very-British Black Mirror was just starting to burst into America’s consciousness via Netflix in 2015, plenty of people didn’t like it. One critic who really hated the show went viral with a tweet that seemed to nail the M.O. of this high-tech scarefest. “Next on Black Mirror,” he wrote, “what if phones, but too much.” 

Black Mirror writer and showrunner Charlie Brooker, a scathing TV critic himself, loved that snark so much he wrote the end of the episode “Playtest” specifically to fit it. (One of the reasons the anthology show has gone from strength to strength is Brooker likes to adopt what critics say and turn it up to 11: see also “San Junipero,” given a California-like setting to tweak Brits who said the show was going “too American.”)  Read more…

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